• Madame Lenormand's cards
  • Here are the unique and recognized by many people cards of the best fortune teller of all time - Madame Lenormand! Now, specially designed for tablet, with many functions, various spreads and an option for keeping your own personal journal with all your previous readings to date.

    This unique deck was developed personally by Madame Lenormand as early as the 18th century and it is different from all other fortune telling cards you have ever seen. The detailed interpretations of the cards will reveal important guidelines for your future and may help you make the right decisions, and thanks to the features of this app you will be able to view them in even greater detail on your tablet and take advantage of even more detailed spreads!

    Follow your inner voice, take advantage of the wisdom of the cards!

  • Application features:
    • Designed for iPad;
    • The deck consists of 36 beautiful cards with detailed illustrations;
    • Now you get even bigger and more detailed spreads;
    • Some of the best interpretations you can find;
    • Easy and intuitive navigation, combined with an appealing design;
    • Different spreads according to your individual needs at the moment;
    • An option for keeping your own personal journal with all your results so far!
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